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The Birds Of Bempton Cliffs

There are many reasons to visit the stunning Yorkshire countryside and coastline but one of the region’s biggest draws absolutely has to be Bempton Cliffs.

One of its biggest claims to fame is the majestic spectacle of wildlife that visitors are privy to between March and October each year, with around half a million seabirds gathering on the imposing chalk cliffs overlooking the North Sea to settle down and start a family.

During the summer months, the breeding season is at full throttle and if you keep a weather eye open, you’re likely to see skylarks, tree sparrows, linnets, whitethroats, corn buntings, rock and meadow pipits… it really is an oasis for all ornithologists everywhere.

One of the biggest attractions, of course, is the happy little puffin, a curious fellow that everyone loves - and there are plenty to be found on the cliffs at Bempton.

Adult puffins return to the cliffs in March and April, jetting off once again in mid-August, so you’ve still got lots of time to go puffin spotting. Make sure you keep a keen eye out for all those very fluffy pufflings!

Other birds sure to catch your eye include gannets, which can be seen careering around the cliffs and bringing up their hungry little chicks. And see if you can spot the endearing little guillemots taking up space on the narrowest of all the cliff ledges, yet another reason to visit this incredible haven for wildlife.

While summer is a wonderful time of year to explore the cliffs, it’s a brilliant place to come no matter what season it is - and there’s always something interesting to see. In autumn, for example, you’re likely to spot short-eared pals, willow warblers, chiffchaffs, redwings and goldcrests.

October, meanwhile, is the best time to go if you want to see the winter thrushes coming into land, while in winter you’ll spot owls, herring gulls, fulmars and gannets come January. So there’s never a bad time to visit the reserve.

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